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About The Podcast

TAMPON ROCK is a brand-new scripted podcast – equal parts musical and comedy featuring characters and creators from the LGBTQ community.

Tampon Rock follows the dating foibles of the two lead lesbian characters – Deja and Chloe – as they luckily and unluckily navigate the Oakland love and music scene. These gals are in a band called The G.O.A.L (The Greatest Of All Lesbians) and the story will track the rise of their band and feature original music that’ll score the show throughout.

DEJA is a Black, mild-mannered, queer woman, who is brand-new to the Oakland dating scene. Deja’s room-mate, best friend and bandmate is CHLOE – White, energetic, a bit obsessive and a strong-willed lesbian who is as un-shy with her sexuality as Deja is gun-shy.

Also adding music charm are our two resident lesbian narrators or— “Resbians”. Voiced by the podcast Creators, these Resbians will sing us from scene-to-scene with comedic interludes that give us insight into Deja and Chloe’s internal monologues.  We’ll catch them crooning such songs as the punk-rock “My Heart Has A Heavy Flow (..Period Blood!) “ as well as the sappy love ballad “Nipples!”.

Tampon Rock is the original creation of three young women (Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument, and Sophie Dinicol). Publicly, they’ve been featured as rising comedians/writers/musicians in New York Magazine and Spin Magazine. Privately, their parents and peer groups mostly believe in them.

Tampon Rock is a production of Anthem Entertainment.  Executive Producer Brian Wahlund.  Contact:

The Creators

Alysia Brown

Sarah Aument

Sophie Dinicol