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About The Podcast

TAMPON ROCK is a brand-new scripted podcast – equal parts musical and comedy featuring characters and creators from the LGBTQ community.

Tampon Rock follows the dating foibles of the two lead lesbian characters – Deja and Chloe – as they luckily and unluckily navigate the Oakland love and music scene. These gals are in a band called The G.O.A.L (The Greatest Of All Lesbians) and the story will track the rise of their band and feature original music that’ll score the show throughout.

DEJA is a Black, mild mannered, queer woman, who is brand-new to the Oakland dating scene. Deja’s room-mate, best friend and bandmate is CHLOE – White, energetic, a bit obsessive and a strong-willed lesbian who is as un-shy with her sexuality as Deja is gun-shy.

Also adding music charm are our two resident lesbian narrators or— “Resbians”. Voiced by the podcast Creators, these Resbians will sing us from scene-to-scene with comedic interludes that give us insight into Deja and Chloe’s internal monologues.  We’ll catch them crooning such songs as the punk-rock “My Heart Has A Heavy Flow (..Period Blood!) “ as well as the sappy love ballad “Nipples!”.

Tampon Rock is the original creation of three young woman (Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument and Sophie Dinicol). Publicly, they’ve been featured as rising comedians/writers/musicians in New York Magazine and Spin Magazine. Privately, their parents and peer groups mostly believe in them.

Tampon Rock is a production of Anthem Originals.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

The Creators

Alysia Brown

Sarah Aument

Sophie Dinicol

Season 1 – Episode Outline

Episode 1

The episode is introduced by our resident lesbians who set the stage as our two main characters, Deja and Chloe, get ready for a night out in the Oakland lesbian scene. Chloe is meeting a date at the party while Deja is going for moral support. But only for a little bit until she goes to her late night shift leading a ghost tour in a local cemetery. They get to the party and part ways. Deja hangs at the bar and makes small talk with an illustrious woman named Gina. Heavy flirting and drinking ensues until they are rudely interrupted by a drunk woman who has mistaken Deja for a tinder match who stood her up. Deja’s outfit for work is nearly ruined when the drunk girl throws a drink that Gina steps in front of (what a hero!). Deja and Gina share an intimate moment in the bathroom while they try to clean Deja’s shirt. But she’s already late for work and incredibly drunk. The next morning Deja wakes up to a voicemail from her boss. She’s been fired. Chloe tries to cheer Deja up, but Deja blames Chloe for dragging her to the party, resulting in her getting fired. Chloe goes to take a bath and FaceTimes with her mother, Lynn. Chloe screams as she accidentally drops her phone in the bathwater, causing Deja to burst in. Chloe apologizes to Deja for everything and they reconcile. As they get ready for band practice they’re interrupted by a knock at their door, it’s Gina. She is there to retrieve her sweater she left the night before. Deja realizes Gina stayed with Chloe last night, and immediately assumes they hooked up. She’s a bit crushed.



Episode 2

Deja is having a sexy dream-turned-nightmare about Gina and her high school ex-boyfriend, John, who tries to stab her. Chloe wakes up Deja as she’s screaming in her sleep. As they’re making lunch, Chloe gets a call from Becky, a local promoter, who asks if The G.O.A.L (their band) want to play a show at the cafe, Gold Star. Chloe takes full control in organizing the set list without really getting input from Deja. Chloe decides to do a stripped down acoustic set (a la Tracy Chapman) for their show. The narrators masquerade as hosts of the event and do a spoken word set that is hilariously horrible. The G.O.A.L play their set and, surprise, surprise, it goes horrendously. The crowd is extremely bored with their performance, no one is listening or paying attention. To save the show, Deja decides to debut her own track and the crowd goes wild. Chloe gets extremely jealous and insecure, especially once Becky invites Deja to a ga(y)me night. She doesn’t explicitly invite Chloe, but Deja asks if she can tag along. When Chloe and Deja arrive at Becky’s place, Gina is there with another partner of hers, Tina. Tina is a famous social media quilting influencer. She makes sure to tell everyone that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are her top clients. Chloe has a weird but funny interaction with Becky and Becky’s girlfriend, Marie. Deja avoids Gina the whole time. As she heads to the bathroom Gina jumps in and locks the door behind her, confronting Deja. Deja mentions her hooking up with Chloe. Gina refutes that saying she was just trying to help an incredibly drunk Chloe get home, and slept at the end of her bed. Chloe ends up staying at the party to mud wrestle with Marie, while Deja and Gina go home together.



Episode 3

Gina and Deja have a romantic night talking in bed until the sun comes up. Gina leaves later that morning and Chloe confronts Deja for not telling her sooner about Gina. Chloe expresses that she is starting to feel left out of the important details in Deja’s life. After clearing the air they discuss Gina’s polyamory and Deja blows it off, offensively remarking that Gina just hasn’t dated “the one” yet. Deja and Chloe make their way across town to pick up the couch they’ve purchased via Craigslist. They arrive at the couch’s location and meet an eccentric albeit sexy woman in her late 40s named Amaryllis. Amaryllis starts flirting with Chloe heavily, casting a bit of a spell on her much to Deja’s dismay. Somehow Amaryllis gets them to do a bunch of chores around her house before they finally get the couch. Deja is texting Gina trying to make plans but Gina hasn’t responded to any of her texts. After Chloe inadvertently makes plans to go on (what she thinks is) a date with Amaryllis, they get back in the rental truck to head home. On the ride home, Deja is obsessing about Gina’s lack of response and Chloe tells her she needs to distract herself. Their truck suddenly runs out of gas and they’re stranded at the side of the road. Chloe calls Becky and Marie to save them, and while they wait Chloe makes a Tinder profile for Deja and starts to scroll through profiles and set up dates for her. Becky and Marie show up with cans of gas, and Becky asks Deja if she has any more tracks like the one she played a few days before at Gold Star cafe. She wants to book her for an upcoming gig. Chloe seems excited at the prospect of another show but Becky wasn’t asking for The G.O.A.L. to play, just Deja. Shot through the heart, Chloe quietly sulks through the rest of their ride home.



Episode 4

Deja goes on a bunch of dates in quick succession (insert montage!), all but one are obviously not great dates. Plus, Deja really only wants to date Gina. That said, she meets a really awesome, chill, Black woman named Angie, who she gets along with right off the bat. Angie is an up-and-coming radio personality interested in horoscopes, crystals, sage… you know, hippie shit a la Erykah Badu. Deja seems a bit distracted, checking her phone to see if Gina has texted and when Angie points that out, she reluctantly spills the details about all of her Gina drama. Even though it feels like they’re on more of a ‘friend date’ at this point, Angie invites her to continue hanging out at a QPOC event that is happening down the street. Meanwhile, Chloe is picking up Amaryllis for their “date” and they drive to the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. When they arrive, Chloe realizes that she is at an initiation meeting for a pyramid scheme. She finds out that Amaryllis was only trying to recruit her — not date her. Back at the QPOC event, Angie immediately introduces Deja to a lot of badass QPOC folks. While Deja is chatting, she gets a barrage of text messages from Chloe about her Amaryllis disaster, as well as the movie night they’re supposed to have. Deja calls and explains that she is out and really enjoying herself so Chloe asks if she can meet her there. Deja replies that the event isn’t really for her and Chloe plays off her disappointment with a thin veil of fake happiness. Of course, Deja should totally stay out, it’s totally fine!! But it wasn’t fine. Chloe gets home to discover that their apartment has been broken into. Chloe can’t get a hold of Deja and she’s left to deal with the police on her own. She realizes her guitar has been stolen, and she calls her mom for moral support. After hanging up, she starts to write a new song about her brother, Paul.



Episode 5

Chloe starts going to a new therapist and has her first session. She’s reluctant to open up and as usual uses humor to deflect what’s really going on. But the doctor isn’t distracted and presses Chloe to be honest. She talks about her threesome with Becky, accidentally (almost) joining a pyramid scheme, and how she’s feeling rejected by Deja. When she gets home to talk to Deja, she finds her in an amazing mood and completely oblivious to the mess of the break in. Chloe tells Deja they need to file a police report (since she wasn’t there last night), but Deja bails saying she needs to sound check for her solo show that night. Feeling distressed from therapy and dealing with the Police, Chloe reaches out to her toxic ex, Jessica. They get drunk and drop MDMA before Deja’s show. Later that night, Deja plays her first solo show and Angie shows up to support her. Chloe shows up late (still drunk) with her ex, Jessica in tow (yikes!). Chloe obnoxiously yells through Deja’s whole set and makes a huge scene. Angie and Gina are both disturbed by Chloe’s behavior. Gina confronts Chloe and tries to get her to settle down, sparking an argument between the two of them before getting kicked out. After her set, Angie and Gina fill Deja in on the Chloe / Jessica debacle. Deja is pissed. At the end of the night, Deja goes home with Gina — will they sleep together this time?



Episode 6

The next day, Gina and Deja go thrift shopping (the same store where Chloe and Deja went before their show at Gold Star Cafe, and yes, we run into a southern store clerk again). Deja tells Gina that she is still extremely upset about Chloe’s behavior from the night before, which is making her worried because they have to play a gig together soon. Gina counsels Deja and tells her she needs to tell Chloe how she feels instead of avoiding it. When Deja gets home to confront Chloe, she finds Chloe there still with Jessica. By the way, Jessica, is the worst. Deja confronts Chloe about the show and they have a blowout fight (after kicking Jessica out) Chloe is distraught so she calls her mom, who is extremely worried about her. Misunderstanding her mom’s advice, Chloe goes on a mission to get her life back together. Montage time! At the end of the montage, she finds herself at a Tarot card reading. The tarot reader tells Chloe she has only 24 hours to fix her relationship with Deja, and Chloe hurries home to make amends. But when she gets home, she realizes Deja isn’t back, and now she’s taken most of her stuff. 



Episode 7

Gina and Deja are in the car on the way to a weekend away together with some of Gina’s friends. Deja seems to have overpacked… overzealous much?? They stop at a gas station and run into an acquaintance of Deja’s to whom Deja introduces Gina as her girlfriend. Oops.. They hadn’t discussed that yet and Gina wants to be clear about her status as a polyamorous woman. Meanwhile, Chloe is seeing her therapist again. She is really worried that Deja has moved out for good. Chloe’s texts are going through to Deja’s phone. Her therapist talks her down a bit and for the first time we see Chloe’s walls really come down. She tells her therapist that she doesn’t think she is doing well and hasn’t been well since her brother Paul committed suicide some time ago. She is afraid for herself and her loss of identity. Deja and Gina get to their destination and Gina excitedly introduces Deja to her friends or, rather, partners. Deja is trying to be chill but all this polyamory action is starting to really trigger some of her insecurities and her ignorance around the topic is starting to show. Deja finally gets cell service and checks her phone. She has a bunch of missed calls from Chloe and a few erratic voice messages as well. She ignores them. Gina and her friend/lovers offer Deja shrooms and in an usual fashion she takes a handful and downs them right away. Deja’s trip starts going predictably bad and in a panic she runs away from Gina and Co. Deja can’t get a hold of Angie and decides to call Chloe as a last resort. Chloe immediately comes to Deja’s rescue and finds her on the side of a road singing to herself while rocking in a fetal position. Chloe gets her in the car and consoles Deja as she continues through her bad shroom trip. Deja starts coming back to life and they reconcile. Back home, Deja ignores several calls from Gina.



Episode 8

Deja finally listens to Gina’s voice messages when she gets home because her phone is dead. She texts her back. Chloe tells Deja she wrote a song while Deja was gone and plays it for her. Deja loves the song. It’s the first song Chloe has written that feels more authentic and true to her. Deja tells her she should play it at their show tonight. Angie texts Deja and invites her to come check out her radio station. Chloe begs Deja to bring her along justifying it by saying that she really wants to “re-meet” Angie and make amends. At the station, Chloe explains herself and actually hits it off with Angie (don’t worry, just as friends!!). Chloe even thinks that Angie might be more into Deja than they previously thought.

The next night at their show they end up playing a few The G.O.A.L. songs as well as their own solo tracks. The show is one of their best yet. Gina shows up at the gig, after failing to reach Deja. She confronts her about abandoning her on their weekend getaway. Deja makes a very insensitive comment to Gina about polyamory. Gina gets really offended and breaks it off with Deja.  The next day Deja and Chloe hang out together again like old times. Chloe tells Deja she needs to go home to figure some shit out. Deja understands and tells her she’ll miss her. Later, Chloe’s mom comes to pick her up. Alone in the apartment, Deja decides to text Angie, asking her to come over.


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